Celebrating our first sale, and a broken ornament

Celebrating our first sale, and a broken ornament

Woohoo! We made our first sale.

My daughter and I recently decided to create a few beautiful Christmas centerpieces. We used solid wood, sanded and stained it, and adorned it with glitter-glazed glass ornaments and artificial holiday greenery. But silly me, I forgot the ornaments were glass. While placing the candles in the ornaments I used my often "darn it to heck, get in there" dad-moves and accidentally broke it. Dad fail. Oh well, we'll be keeping that one for ourselves. I guess I need to return to the store and find another one of those ornaments.

Our dear friend, Dr. Andrea Espinoza, was kind enough to purchase the Christmas centerpiece. That makes this milestone even more special. She'll store it at her clinic, Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine. How sweet is that?

Since it was our first sale, I have decided to let Saoirse keep 100% of the money. Also, to fulfill our commitment to charity, I will be matching 100% of the sale price with an equal donation to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

Saoirse is delighted to have made the first sale, received the support of a dear friend, and contributed to a good cause. We hope the Christmas centerpiece brings joy to Dr. Espinoza and her patients this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All,
Brent and Saoirse


baby girl sticks her tongue out with her Christmas centerpiece in the backgroundChristmas centerpiece with broken ornament

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