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Welcome to Acorn & Oak Studio

We are more than just a business; we're a family-driven mission, a celebration of creativity, exploration, new learnings, and a testament to the power of giving back.

This idea began with a burning desire to spend more time with my kids, creating fun things, exploring ideas, learning new skills, embracing the beginner mindset - success and failure - and positively impacting the world and each other.

We decided to create things we wanted for ourselves and our home. Once done, we'll list them for sale. If and when they sell, we'll take 20% of the profits, gift them to a charity of the kids' choosing, and allow them to keep 20% for spending cash to enjoy childhood things. The rest goes into an investment account they can access when they get older, perhaps to travel, study abroad, or maybe start a business.

The mission is simple: create a fun, educational, and adventurous space that fosters family bonding, lifelong learning, and community impact.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, but let it be clear: I'm new to any and everything we're creating here. My 12-year-old son Eamon is excited about woodworking - furniture, toys, home decor, and carvings. Saoirse, my 9-year-old baby girl, loves the arts and is interested in doing clay, pottery, crafting, painting, jewelry, and, I'm sure, more than one slime-related product.

Not so secretly, they hope we turn this into a YouTube channel, but I'm resisting that so far.

None of us are experts at making these things. We will learn together, fail, and succeed together, and along the way, I hope to build bonds and memories that get passed down for generations.

Please follow us on the journey.